Statement on the war in Ukraine (Ukrainian Psychiatric Association)

Dear colleagues and friends!


In recent days situation in Ukraine remained very tense due to Russia's military aggression against Ukraine's civilian population. We have a huge flow of refugees, adults and children, and among them - persons with acute psychiatric disturbances and those with a past history of mental disorders. All of them need professional psychiatric and psychological assistance and care.

However, we have already faced a huge problem with the shortage of medications and medical devices.

Domestic pharmaceutical enterprises are located mainly in the southern and central regions, which are currently being attacked by the enemy.


As a result of military operations, the logistics in the manufacturing and purchasing of medications in Ukraine were completely disrupted. Thus, we can predict a significant shortage or complete absence of psychopharmacological means for the treatment of our patients soon, and accordingly, we are aware of the expected consequences of such events.

The regularly supply of medicines in the form of humanitarian aid through Ukraine's western borders remains our only hope.


We would like to ask all our colleagues help to organize a "green corridor" for the delivery of medicines to psychiatric hospitals and patients in Ukraine, who were unable to defend themselves during World War II and unable now, during the current Third Russian War against Ukraine. We, the representatives of the psychiatric community in Ukraine, call on all our colleagues, the entire psychiatric community, to help us to save our patients and citizens of Ukraine in these critical times.

Our team in Kulparkiv (KNP LOR LOCPL) at the moment is the only psychiatric institution that can serve as a kind of psychiatric hub for the needs of all Ukraine.

Let us unite, help and win for the sake of good, life and freedom! Glory to Ukraine and its Heroes!


Yurij Zakal

Vice-President Ukrainian Psychiatric Association