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Board Meeting and General Meeting in April 2019 in Warsaw, Poland


At 8th April 2019 the EAGP board members met  in Warsaw to discuss the actions of the coming year. 2019 the EAGP plans two courses: A 2-days refresher course for professionals in October and a 3-days summer school for junior geriatric psychiatrists. Find more information about the trainings under the following link.

Board Meeting July 2018 in London, UK


At the 6th July 2018 the EAGP board members met  in London to discuss the actions of the next 5 years. It was agreed that in the future the refresher course and the summer school will still be important and interesting training opportunities for young professionals and professionals who would like to learn more about the recent developments in the field of gerontopsychiatry.


Further it was agreed that the connection between the EAGP and the national associations needs to be strengthened. The board of the EAGP looks forward to the next years and to the actions that are planned.

General Meeting and Board Meeting 2018 in Nice, France

5th March 2018


In Nice the EAGP used the opportunity to hold talks with the EPA and how the two organisations could work together. Different ways of collaboration were discussed.


During the General Meeting the great success of the summer school in Lausanne 2018 was presented. As the participants of the last years rated the summer school so positively, the next course will be planned and is expected to take place in 2019.

Third Summer School in Lausanne, Switzerland

06th-09th September 2017


The EAGP is pleased to announce the third “Summer School in Geriatric Psychiatry”.

This course will provide a forum for bringing together budding European geriatric psychiatrists with academic or institutional potential and favour networking for future co-operation across Europe.

The attendees will improve their knowledge in old age psychiatry and develop new ideas and share experiences about mental health programs and organizations.

The course will feature workshops, group discussions, and state of the art lectures by European experts in the field of geriatric psychiatry. The participants will be encouraged to make their own contributions and present their papers/research.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Lausanne!
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XXIII National SEPG Congress in Bilbao in cooperation with the EAGP, 23rd-25th February


The Spanish Psychogeriatrics Society is organising its 23rd National Congress, with the added satisfaction of sharing this year’s event with the European Association of Geriatric Psychiatry with special English speaking sessions on Friday and Saturday.

The EAGP is looking forward to meeting you in Bilbao!

EAGP Board Meeting and General Meeting connected to the 26th Alzheimer Europe Conference in Copenhagen 


In the General Meeting the successful training programs (Summer School and 3-Days Intensive Refresher Course) were presented. The EAGP is very proud to announce that the third summer school will be organised in 2017 in Lausanne. More information will be follow soon. 

Further the EAGP welcomed more national associations joining the EAGP. Now national associations from Sweden, the U.K., Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, North Rhine Westphalia (Germany) and Spain are part of the EAGP.

Next year, the EAGP and the Spanish association organize a congress for psychogeriarty in Bilbao (Spain) Further information follow soon, please save the date! 

Intensive EAGP Refresher Course in Old Age Psychiatry was a full success


With 42 participants and 11 expert speakers, the first edition of the EAGP Refresher Course in Old Age Psychiatry (Leuven, Belgium, 26-28 May 2016) was a clear success.

With participants and speakers from the Netherlands (22), Belgium (19), UK (5), Ireland (3), Norway (2), France (1), Portugal (1), Sweden (1) and New Zealand (!)(1), the general comments were as follows:

“Excellent initiative”, “Excellent conference”, “Content very relevant and likely to”, assist in clinical practice”, “Very friendly and helpful organizers”, ”You did a brilliant job. Thanks!”, “Please repeat this!”, “Make this course a tradition. Venue Leuven excellent; could be included in ‘European Round’ of other venues."

So consequential the feedback and the response of the idea and the organization of the EAGP refresher course was a full success.

Intensive EAGP Refresher course in Old Age Psychiatry – Fully booked


The "Three Days Refresher Course" 2016 in Leuven is fully booked.


We are looking forward to meeting all the participants in May.

October 2015: EAGP General Meeting and Board Meeting


The Board was very pleased to welcome the EAGP members in Berlin and to discuss different subjects with them during the General Meeting. Furthermore the Flemish and the Dutch Association for Psychiatry were welcomed as new members of the EAGP. You will find more information about the meeting and other interesting topics in our autumn newsletter that will be published soon.

!!! SAVE THE DATE: Thursday 26th  – Saturday 28th  May 2016 !!!


‘Certified Intensive EAGP Refreshment course in Old Age Psychiatry’

The Faculty Club, Leuven, Belgium,

Further information will follow soon

15th October 2015: General Meeting in Berlin


In October we invite our members to the EAGP Genral Meeting in Berlin. At the same time the IPA organizes their international congress in Berlin, for more information click here

March 2015: EAGP Board Meeting


After the election of the new board in December 2014 the  Board met in March 2015 in London to discuss the future actions of the EAGP. Actions that will be promoted in the future are:


1) Educational Programs for pre- and post graduate education

2) Involving more nations in the EAGP for a better exchange

3) Planning and Participation in Congresses e.g. Symposium at the IPA Congress 2015 in 


4) Publicity for the EAGP

5) Developing and strengthen the network across Europe

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