The EAGP webinar series on Old Age Psychiatry

Since 2020 EAGP has arranged high quality webinars covering all relevant aspects of geriatric psychiatry, including both mental health and dementia related topics. The aim of the webinar series is to provide clinicians with easy accessible and free lectures that address topics relevant to (primarily) clinicians, but also researchers and health care administrators.


For the 2024 webinars we aim to arrange one each month, except summer, and as far as possible on Thursdays from 12 to 13 CET, making it suitable for lunch seminars. The webinar will always start with a few words on EAGP activities prior to the lecture. Participants may ask questions to the lecture holder using the chat, and the webinar team will coordinate all questions (if possible) after the lecture.


Dates: 2024


Next webinar: 

February 15: Prof Richard Oude Voshaar, the Netherlands: On frailty

  • The importance of frailty is increasingly recognized in general medicine, especially for risk stratification aimed to identify patients at increased risk of dependency and death. While life expectancy of patients suffering from severe mental illness is decreased by about 10 through 20 years and depressive disorder has been conceptualised as a disorder of accelerated ageing, the concept of frailty has hardly been applied in mental health care. The overall objective of this symposium is to show the clinical relevance of addressing frailty in a mental health care setting.
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The EAGP Webinar Team: Eivind Aakhus (Norway) and Michel Benoit (France) welcome you to our next webinar series:

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