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3-Days Intensive EAGP Refresher Course in Old Age Psychiatry 2016      A full success!


Organized by the Flemish and Dutch sections of old age psychiatry (VVP and NVVP) on behalf of the EAGP


With participants and speakers from the Netherlands (22), Belgium (19), UK (5), Ireland (3), Norway (2), France (1), Portugal (1), Sweden (1) and New Zealand (!)(1), the general comments were as follows:

“Excellent initiative”, “Excellent conference”, “Content very relevant and likely to”, assist in clinical practice”, “Very friendly and helpful organizers”, ”You did a brilliant job. Thanks!”, “Please repeat this!”, “Make this course a tradition. Venue Leuven excellent; could be included in ‘European Round’ of other venues."

So consequential the feedback and the response of the idea and the organization of the EAGP refresher course was a full success.

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