International Geriatric Mental Health (I-GeMH) Rounds

I-GeMH rounds are intended to connect participants interested in geriatric mental health and become a forum for sharing resources as well as cross-promotion.


Neurodegenerative or not? Connections between psychiatric and age-related disorders of cognition. 

Presented by: Brandy Callahan, PhD.

University of Calgary Assistant Professor, Psychology Canada Research Chair, Adult Clinical Neuropsychology University of Calgary


Educational Objectives:

1. Identify non-neurodegenerative causes of memory impairment in mid and later life.

2. Recognize signs of degenerative vs. non-degenerative causes of cognitive impairment.

3. Describe links between psychiatric and neurologic disorders in aging.


Please join us on April 21, 2023 at 8 am Eastern Standard Time for the next International Geriatric Mental Health (I-GeMH) Education Network Rounds.


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